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Ethernet/IP Profinet communication protocol to M12 connector

2022-02-26 11:08:49

Profinet is a new generation of automation standard based on industrial Ethernet technology, which provides a complete solution for automation field, including real-time Ethernet, motion control, distributed automation, fail-safe and network security. profinet can realize various applications in different environments and accomplish various tasks with different requirements. From transmission protocol, profinet classifies data into: NRT, RT and IRT. from the application, it can be divided into: CBA and I/O.

Profinet communication technical features:

1. Both real-time communication and TCP-based IP communication are used on the same communication line. TCP/IP is tested for profinet CBA and factory commissioning.

2.RT real-time communication protocol is for profinet CBA and profinet I/O applications, for all applications, communication of components in distributed systems and communication between controllers and decentralized field communication devices.

3.IRT isochronous real time communication protocol is for profinet I/O communication of drive systems, which satisfies from general communication to scalable real time communication with high performance and time synchronization.


profinet Ethernet to M12 connector communication:

M12 connector Core wire color Signal

1pin yellow TD+

2pin white RD+

3pin orange TD-

4pin blue RD-

 M12 4pin profinet connector cable.jpg

The profinet to M12 connector communication characteristics:

1. standard interface, compatible with all m12 connector manufacturers' products.

2. Each device manufacturer with any software supporting TCI function for parameterization and diagnosis of field devices, no need to exit the program.

3. Meet all automation needs with open standards and modularity.

4 Modular design allows easy expansion of open engineering systems and enables free choice of suppliers.

5. Has a high degree of system availability.

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