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Industrial waterproof connectors application of servo motor

2021-06-08 08:00:00

In the automation control system, there is a very important component that acts as a link to transform electrical signals into actions. It is a servo motor. Our industrial connectors are also used for servo motors.

In the servo motor power supplying, power industrial connectors can be used for the connection of the power supply and servo motor brake, to make servo motor normal operate; In addition, to make the pulse signal input to the motor controller, which can use the signal industrial connectors.


Servo motors are mostly used in industrial environments, which have tough requirements for water, oil and liquid corrosion protection. For example, precision machine tools, will use chip fluid, lubricating oil, etc. Flexcontac electric waterproof connectors, IP67 level of protection, corrosion-resistant alloy material, no fear of water, liquid, industrial corrosive environment challenges

In addition, Flexcontac M12 waterproof circular connector, more lightweight and smaller, especially for high precision small equipment, enables more available space at the motor, which can release more wiring space, improve equipment performance and giving more room for innovation for designers.

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