Gold planted machined male contact pins
  • Gold planted machined male contact pins

precision machined contacts male copper contact pin with gold planted

  • Range of dimensions Length from 3mm to 50mm,

    diameter from 0.25 to 7 mm

  • Low dimension tolerances

  • Cost-effective for medium and high batches due to due to manufacturing on high-speedd automatic lathes

  • Surface planting: Gold planted, Tin planted, silver planted


General Specifications

Contact type

Pin contact, male pin

Contact 1

Brass CuZn36Pb3, C36000

Contact 2

Brass CuZn35Pb2, C34500 for contacts with crimp terminations

Contact 3

Bronze CuSn4Pb4Zn4,C54400 for contacts with press-fitterminations


Beryllium copper alloy C17200


Include bottom planting and surface planting

Bottom planting

Nickel (Ni) electro-planted, acc. To SAE-AMS-QQ-N-290

Surface planting

Gold (Au) acc. To ASTM 8488, type II C

Gold Planting code

1-Gold flash 1u“ 3-Gold planted 3u", 5-Gold planted 5u"

6-Gold planted 10u", 7-Gold planted 15u", 8-Gold planted 30u"

Surface planting

Tin(pure tin Sn), standard tin plating with excellend solderability, RoHS

Tin Planting code

0-Tin planted

Surface planting

Silver (Ag) acc. to ASTM 8700

Tin Planting code

9-Silver planted

Environmental Characteristics


Acc to J-STD-002A, Test A, 245°C, 5 s,solder alloy SnAg3.8Cu0.7

Soldering heat resistance

Acc to J-STD-020C, 260°C, 20 s

Corrosion resistance

Salt spray test IEC 60068-2-11.Ka: 48h IEC 60068-2-11.Ka

Sulfur dioxide(S02) test

Acc to IEC 60068-2-42 Kc: 96 h at 25 ppm SO2,25 °C,75% rH

Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) test

Acc to IEC60068-2-43 Kd: 96h at 12ppm H2S, 25°C, 75% rH

Dry heat steady state

Acc to IEC 60512-11-9.11i / 60068-2-2.Bb: 125'C, 16 h

Damp heat cyclic

Acc toIEC 60512-11-12.11m / 60068-2-30.Db: 25/55, 90-100%rH, 1 cycle of 24h

Cold steady state

Acc to IEC 60512-11-10.11j / 60068-2-1.A: -55, 2 h

Thermal shock

Acc to IEC 60512-11-4.11d/ 60068-2-14.Na: -55/125℃, 5 cycles 30 min

Sinusoidal vibrations

Acc to IEC 60512-6-4.6d /60068-2-6.Fc: 10 to 500 Hz, 10g, 1 octave/min,

10 cycles for each axis

Shock Test

Acc to IEC60512-6-3.6c I 60068-2-27.Ea:50 g, 11 ms, 3 shocks in three axis

During the above vibration and shock tests no contact interruption >50 ns appear

Electrical Characteristics

Current rating

male and female pin mated in the air and temperature above 10

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