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Flexcontac Chinese New Year Holiday News

Flexcontac Chinese New Year Holiday from 1/22 to 2/7, 2022. 

What’re waterproof connectors and cables? And what’s the waterproof level?

Waterproof connector, is a kind of electronic components for work in water, they can be connected with the power cord, network cable, etc., not only can provide reliable power supply, signal transmission, the most important effects are good waterproof and dustproof. 

Industrial waterproof connectors application of servo motor

In the automation control system, there is a very important component that acts as a link to transform electrical signals into actions. It is a servo motor. Our industrial connectors are also used for servo motors

The trend of connector & wire harness factory

The combination of Industry 4.0 technology and intelligence technology continues to affect our life. It is an opportunity for automation equipment development, signal transmission and connection harness. So improve the competitiveness of connectors and harnesses products has become the main goal, then how to improve market competition?

About Wires and Cables

Wire and cable is the basic facility to transmit electrical energy to every home or unit, without which we enjoy a modern life without electricity. However, precisely because of its layout in our work as well as living environment

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