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What's the wire harness categories? Where do they apply?

2022-02-16 17:56:52

Wire harness just like the vessels and nerves of industrial equipment,the volume of market demand and quality requirements will be increased sharply, in addition, the process are more and more complex. Wiring harnesses are everywhere in life, mainly for connecting electrical components in the circuit, consist of terminals, wrapping materials, sleeves and wires, which is the carrier of input and output current and signals.

Wiring harnesses will select a variety of functional cables to meet the requirements  depend on the different applications, as follows: drive screen harness, control harness, power control, data transmission, etc.

1.     Drive screen harness, mainly used in the displays, it’s display driver cables.

2.     Control harnesses, mainly used to connect circuit boards, control electrical signals. Applied in financial equipment, security equipment, new energy vehicles and medical equipment.

3.     Power control cables, like switch power cables, computer power cables.

4.     Data transmission cables, upload and download signals, like HDMI, USB series.

RJ45 cable.jpg

Harness category will be more classification, there are railway wiring harness, automotive wiring harness, wind power harness, medical wiring harness, telecommunications harness, home appliance harness, industrial control harness, etc. wiring harness is the basic components of machines and instruments, which is to achieve the signal and electrical energy transmission.

  1.  Automotive Wire Harness: is network of automotive circuits, automotive wiring harnesses are heat-, oil- and cold-resistant; they are also flexible and can be used for interior connections in high mechanical strength and high temperature environments, the quality of the automotive wiring harness must meet the zero defect requirements of TS16949 and needs to maintain a 10 year quality assurance.

  2. Medical Wire Harness, applied in medical devices and medical equipment, wires are required UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and other certification, medical connectors commonly used wired to the board connectors, D-SUB connectors, pin headers and aviation plugs, etc. the connector brands are generally TYCO, MOLEX and other international brands, management system ISO13485, most materials are also required to have the sterilization.

  3. lndustrial Wire Harness, refers to some electronic wires, multi-core wires and cables with components inside the cabinet, mostly used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, inverter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy and other cabinets. There are many product segments (sensors & industrial control systems; network telecommunications, temperature control and air conditioning, LEDs, rail transportation, marine and offshore engineering, new energy, measurement and test equipment, packaging and logistics transport). Most of them are small batch and various, and there is also a demand for branded materials, so many choices in the supply chain, especially in the selection of connectors, and the brands and types is very diverse. Need to coordinate with the delivery of materials to meet the delivery schedule , the factory's supply chain management capabilities are very critical.

  4. Home appliance harnesses, used for the transmission of signals, electricity and power in home appliances devices. consisting of wires, connectors and wrapping tape, it’s simplest in terms of technical content and supply chain.

industrial wire harness 2.jpg

engine wire.jpg

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